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Stickers & Labels

Digital / Offset

Labels and stickers are commonly used; they can be used to enhance the attractiveness or provide information of your products, as a signage, for decoration, etc. We can print and die-cut your sticker labels to any shape and size required.

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Print Method

OffsetPrint Color

CMYK Process (4C)

Production Leadtime

8 – 12 working days

~ Cut-off time at 2pm

File Format

(.ai) / (.pdf) / (.jpg) / (.tiff)

Minimum Quantity

300pcs (Rectangle)

500pcs (Assorted Shape)

Standard Size

LD1 : 50mm x 50mm – Round

LD2 : 50mm x 50mm – Flower

LD3 : 50mm x 40mm – Heart

LD4 : 50mm x 45mm – Hexagon

LD5 : 90mm x 54mm – Rectangle


80gsm Mirrokote Sticker*

80gsm Simili Sticker

80gsm Transparent Sticker

80gsm PVC Sticker


*Gloss Lamination

Print Method

DigitalPrint Color

CMYK Process (4C)

Production Leadtime

1 – 3 working days

~ Cut-off time at 4pm

File Format

(.ai) / (.pdf) / (.jpg) / (.tiff)

Minimum Quantity


Standard Size


CIR20/SQU20 : 20mm x 20mm

CIR25/SQU25 : 25mm x 25mm

CIR30/SQU30 : 30mm x 30mm

CIR35/SQU35 : 35mm x 35mm

CIR40/SQU40 : 40mm x 40mm

CIR45/SQU45 : 45mm x 45mm

CIR50/SQU50 : 50mm x 50mm


REC2040/OVL2040 : 20mm x 40mm

REC2060/OVL2060 : 20mm x 60mm

REC2080/OVL2080 : 20mm x 80mm

REC3040/OVL3040 : 30mm x 40mm

REC3050/OVL3050 : 30mm x 50mm

REC3060/OVL3060 : 30mm x 60mm

REC4080/OVL4080 : 40mm x 80mm


80gsm Woodfree Paper Sticker

80gsm Cast Coated Paper Sticker

White Polyester Sticker

Translucent Polyester Sticker

Transparent Polyester Sticker